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Happy Customers

In this carving notice the detail in the balls and background. Precision detail right down to the gap in their teeth. CNC Technology captures all precious moments.

This customer asked for a Loon and a Trout No problem with the help of free google images.

This Custom Sign for this customer found his photo's for his sign free on www.google.com (images) and emailed them to us with the text he wanted on his sign. We helped him design his first welcome sign for his Cottage Upnorth. He will Stain it himself to his own likes.

This customer took a digital photo of his Coat of Armor and gave us the photo for editing. We had to brighten the photo for a good detailed carving. This is a gift to his Mom and Dad.

Ford Tractor on pine

High School Photos on Hardwood Maple 8 X 10

Family reunion Photo added the missing family members into the photo no charge woodcarving

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