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Sample M & G Code

3/4 x 3/4 mill pocket outline of the letter  T

N10 G90 M03                          absolute mode     spindle on clockwise
N20  G00 Z0.1                          rapid move           z move to clearance
N30  X-0.0208 Y-0.3385          x,y position
N40  G01 Z-0.1 F20                 linear move           z plunge feed
N50  Y0.2865 F50                    mill contour          feed f50
N60  X-0.2708
N70  Y0.3594
N80  X0.3333
N90  Y0.2865
N100  X0.0833
N110  Y-0.3385
N120  X-0.0208
N130  G00 Z0.1                        rapid move            z move to clearance
N140 M05 M30                          spindle stop         program end


Let us Generate Your M & G code for your CNC Programming needs.  Save thousands of $$$ let us supply the code for your cnc controller.  Just Email any photo or image with detailed machining specs (feed, x,y zero start, z material = 0)per your needs, send a sample file of your m &g code, and follow the add to cart process. When the pay pal Online Secure Payment deposite your transaction to our account we will email your program back to you. Just edit feed speed and tool (start and end code per your machine).

Its up to you to proof read your code for your machine.  We are not responsible for crashes.  So as always us caution.

  Purchase our Generated M & G-Code only $40.00

Instructions after ordering G-code

Material stock size shown is 6 inch x 6 inch.

Find center of material X0, Y0, Z0  Z0 Being top of material, below Z Zero is -(negative)

above Z Zero is + (positive) set home zero here for X, Y, Z.

The G-code will rapid to .1 Clearance and X-, Y- to bottom left corner of the woodcarving. The Z will now

plunge feed then X will traverse positive and then Y will step .02 positive and repeat in a zigzag pattern

until it is done. Then Z will rapid to .1 clearance M05 spindle stops and M30 program ends.

You will need to edit the start block N10 G90 M03 per your machine specs.

You will need to edit the end block N140 M05 M30 per your machine specs.

We need to know the size in X, Y of wood carving, max Depth of Z will be -.100 for best results.

 For a 8 x 10 wood carving material should be at least 9 x 11 for a .5 border for a nice routered edge all around.

Cutter type and diameter (1/4 x 2") Half-Round Cutter 60°

with .02 radius works best.  $33.95 includes shipping 

 Purchase This (1/4 x 2") Half-Round Cutter 60° 

we step over in y .02 for woodcarvings,  for cast acrylic step over in y is .008 for minimum tool marks,

this will add much more to runtime. Please give us your full name, address, and phone number thank you.

Hopefully we can save you time and money in generating your g-code. Remember pictures always look

 best in color and highest file format for quality so if necessary send it in a zipped folder

by right click and send to compressed zipped folder!

Your G-code will be Emailed within 3 business days after paypal payment transaction is completed, 

for mailed checks allow up to 10 days.


This is how we do it any image into detailed g-code for an engraving.

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